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Far too many people these days hide their feelings. They go to school or work and wear a smile no matter what. The thing is they’re good at it too. Their best friend could’ve died the day before, but they will pretend that they are ok. This is very bad for you.┬áThe feelings all build up and you can get very depressed.

You should to speak up and tell people whats going on. Find a friend or someone you trust to talk your feelings through with. Things like this are especially common in teenagers. They won’t tell anyone if their upset, because they don’t want to seem weak or needy. Some people do speak up to someone they trust and that person will say they’re faking it.

If they say that they are not a true friend. Everyone gets upset about things it’s normal. Nobody is perfect. If you do not speak up about things that are upsetting you nobody will be able to help you. You may think that if they cared they would notice, but they can’t tell that you’re upset if you hide it from them. Speak up and tell someone what you’re going through.

When you talk about your feelings it helps you feel better about it. Don’t sit in silence and pretend to be ok if you’re not. It’s ok to be sad or angry. It’s ok to show your feelings. Nobody’s going to judge you poorly for being human. It’s proven that hiding your feelings has a very negative affect on your mental health. Having bad mental health can actually cause you physical pain and stress.

Don’t let people tell you you cant be upset, angry, or that your life is perfect. If they think somebody’s life can be perfect they are blind to this world. Everyone goes through hard times. Everyone sometimes feels insecure and that is ok. If they didn’t sometimes feel insecure upset they wouldn’t be human.

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  1. Well done Chloe. So important to have that friend you can trust; a person who will be there for you through thick and thin as we say in Australia.

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